Feminist Research Methods

Collective Biography: Joy in Academia

Roberta Hawkins (University of Guelph), Pamela Moss (University of Victoria), Karen Falconer Al-Hindi (University of Nebraska Omaha), Leslie Kern (Mount Allison University)

A mug of coffe sits on a table in a cabin. The mug says FemGeog.

Coffee at our Omaha retreat.

The collective biography project involves four feminist geographers from Canada and the US. This project involves the sharing of memories related to various academic practices and experiences, which are then analyzed and used as data for exploring broader social issues such as women in academia, the changing nature of academic work, and the influence of neoliberal policies on academic life. We have four publications from this ongoing project:

Kern, Leslie, Hawkins, Roberta, Falconer Al-Hindi, Karen, and Moss, Pamela. 2014. A collective biography of joy in academic practice. Social and Cultural Geography 15(7) 834-851.

Hawkins, Roberta, Falconer Al-Hindi, Karen, Moss, Pamela, and Kern, Leslie. 2016.  Practicing collective biography. Geography Compass 10(4) 165-178.

Falconer Al-Hindi, Karen, Moss, Pamela, Kern, Leslie, and Hawkins, Roberta. 2017. Inhabiting research, accessing intimacy, becoming collective. In C. Donovan and P. Moss (Eds.) Writing Intimacy into Feminist Geography 147-159. London: Routledge.

Moss, Pamela, Kern, Leslie, Hawkins, Roberta, Falconer Al-Hindi, Karen. 2018. Grasping the affirmative: Power and the process of becoming joyful academic subjects. Emotion, Space and Society 28, 53-59.

Image of the Abbeymoore Bed and Breakfast, Victoria BC

Our first retreat in Victoria.


Feminist Research in Online Spaces

Oona Morrow (Wageningen University and Research), Roberta Hawkins (University of Guelph) and Leslie Kern (Mount Allison University)

Based on our shared experiences using online sources, subjects, and communities in our diverse research projects, we sought to explore some of the methodological and ethical implications of doing online research from a feminist geographic perspective.

Morrow, Oona, Hawkins, Roberta and Kern, Leslie. 2015. Feminist research in online spaces: Power and ethics in a virtual world. Gender, Place and Culture 22(4) 526-543.


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