Women’s and Gender Studies

My PhD is in Gender, Feminist, and Women’s Studies from York University in Toronto (when I graduated in 2008 it was still called Women’s Studies). The cross over from a PhD in GFWS to working in a geography department is rare, although I believe I share this distinction with the amazing Katherine McKittrick (also a York GFWS grad).

My first role at Mount Allison was as a contract faculty member in Women’s Studies (now Women’s and Gender Studies). When my contract ended I managed to slide into a contract in the department of Geography & Environment, where I’ve stayed ever since.

I’m now the director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, as well as a tenured professor in G&E. This position means that I can spend some time in my academic “home:” I get to go to women’s studies conferences, network with my peers in that field, and even work on publications in women’s and gender studies.